Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What Assumption Can Cost You

Supposition indicates that you think about doing something or making a reasoning about something depending on sound judgment, information, and lifestyle encounter.

Here is the thing. What is typical sense? What is before knowledge? What is lifestyle experience?

For an example, when someone says the water in a pot is operating out and a re-fill is needed. Does everyone have the same knowing of below? I question it.

    What does it mean to be operating low?
    Less than half-filled or stays until the last drop?

In work scenario, people may ideally adhere to their own requirements to prevent the process and believe others will do it. You might think it's not a big deal; some with little and filter thoughts do actually. The impact is that it de-motivates others to keep up and disputes between associates or divisions will happen.

As you can see already, the above is not as powerful as govt control and rules. They are more near to requirements and recommendations that we discovered or being advised every now and then.

If you offer a item, you would probably believe that it has approved some kind of in-house top quality assessments at least or third-party certification if needed in accordance with the market and various nations. If it's in-house examining, do we know the assessments are conducted with consistently adjusted machines? The repercussions of supposing the device is good will probably price you to pay client statements, maintenance, jeopardize others lifestyle, gradually reduce popularity and closed down your business. Debts can also adhere to after insolvent.

Another example, technology and technological innovation are the individual information of the characteristics and galaxy. Is it always correct? Not necessary because there are possibilities (chances) and presumptions are considered. Even the rules in technology like Newton's Laws (Classic) don't implement when an object's range gets too little and Huge Science (Modern) were designed as requirement. Would be another area of physics to be designed when Huge Science doesn't implement anymore? It is possible and some are already forecasting the next frontier.

In lifestyle, we also create plenty of presumptions. Few illustrations of superficial presumptions that still prevails nowadays:

    Eastern and West: Activity talks noisier than words; term talks noisier than actions
    Long locks is for women and brief locks for male
    Dressed in Glasses= nerd
    Big large muscle tissue designed with synthetic proteins=Strong. First of all, you reduce rate in your activity. Secondly, can you tell Bruce Lee's body determine if he sports a suit? Many who don't know him would probably recommend him to get a bigger fit.

The deficiency of knowledge and assumption you take ideally (or lazily) can create you a person with the characteristics:

    Narrow minded
    Absence of understanding

What can assumption price you?

    Absence of respect
    Absence of friends
    Absence of jobs
    Absence of lives

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